"We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children"

It's easier than you think to live a low impact life and in harmony with nature and the environment and Mama EARTH.

Nothing's is more calming than clear, cascading, bubbling water that gently settles in your very own garden pond.....At this village we aim to use Nature and the forest as the natural healing place .....The Forest and Nature we believe is our temple.....our Foundation.....thus The FIG Tree Sanctuary and Healing Village.

We do what we do because we love to share.....

And we also believe on a better Quality of Life through Health and Well Being

You can find Retreats anywhere, but very few that are free, and run by contribution and volunteers.
Being part of a community is what we believe nature intended, co -existing in harmony with nature.

The Founders of this VISION, who are from Uganda,Rwanda,Comoro Islands and Tanzania,  have spent some years proofing and testing the VISION in London UK and in Kabale, Uganda.

A pilot site was created on family land to prove that this would work This was done by living and integrating with the locals in the community .

The global village was created using using mainly the social media (facebook) and couch surfing to invite people. People from Taiwan, Trinidad,Israel, Jamaica,Germany,Netherlands,Kenya,Argentina, Poland and UK came  and stayed at the pilot site as a Retreat, mainly through couch surfing for free and only contributing for food and sharing their skills and knowledge such as organic farming.


London,UK  where the Main Founder has been based for most of her life  has been used  and will be used as the administration and networking office location with various organisations such as Green Gathering, Health Revolution Movement and Queen Afua workshops and many others to gain knowledge as to what it would take to build such spaces globally and across many cultures.

The Founder's travels in South East Asia, South America, Central America, Europe , Middle East, Africa, USA and Canada has given her further insight as to what it would take to manifest such a vision globally..