The Vision is to have the administration office based in London, UK, as the Global hub to network from and connect with the global world.   The 1st physical Retreat is to be created at lake Bunyonyi, Uganda, where the concept has been already proofed and tested.

The villages communities will be non-profit charitable spaces run by contribution and volunteers. Ideally the Village Retreats will be located as far as possible from the city and much closer to Nature and the Forest and closer to lakes and oceans and rivers.

However we realize there may be requirements to build these spaces in cities themselves, such as the one in Grow Heathrow, near London, to cater for people who can not leave the cities.

The 1st step is to raise money  to purchase as much as land possible and possible a space in London to start building such a Retreat.

The Village Retreats will have a common theme across them.

  • Respect for the Feminine Creative Energy (The Goddess) within all of us and where we come from.
  • Respect for all life , nature  and Earth.
  • Low Impact and Eco-Friendly Environment spaces
  • Being at Peace and in harmony with self and in and with Nature....the Temple
  • Love for self and others
  • Working with your self as your own Healer
  • Alternative Therapies to assist with self healing
  • Organic farming
  • Vegan and Raw food 
  • Strength in Diversity
  • Maintaining local sacred ancestoral heritage (Goddess)
  • Empowerment thru Healing and Self Knowledge
  • Empowerment thru knowlege, modern sustainable education and holistic well being
  • Communal Living but with respect for individuality
  • Off-Grid Lifestyle 
  • Re-Newable Energy and Sustainable  Lifestyle
  • Holistic Nursery and Primary (Home) Schooling " It takes a whole village to raise a child"
  • Self Sustainable
  • Creative and Art Space
  • Workshops space for building various practical skills for everyday sustainable living.